- Gamebook Visualizations


When I was a kid in the 80's, I loved Choose Your Own Adventure books and the Fighting Fantasy series. I've collected a few gamebooks from thrift stores and was curious about their node structure and how they compared across the various series. Below are the gamebooks I've entered into an exploding node graph I created in MonkeyX.

Gamebook Visualization Engine

Key: Green = Start, Dark Green = Secretly Linked To (or book has a typo), Blue = Picture, Cyan = Item Required, Magenta = Combat, Yellow = Good Ending, Orange = Blah Ending, Red = Bad Ending

The Gamebooks Visualized

Choose Your Own Adventure

Choose Your Own Nightmare

Choose Your Own Super Adventure

A Crossroads Adventure

Disney Club Penguin

Dungeons & Dragons Endless Quest Book

Fighting Fantasy

Forgotten Forest

Grail Quest

Lone Wolf

Time Machine

Way of the Tiger

Which Way