689 Collective Nouns

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a Abominable Sight of Monks
a Absence of Waiters
a Alley of Clowns
a Amalgam of Dentists
a Amalgamation of Metallurgists
a Amble of Walkers
a Ambush of Tigers
a Ambush of Widows
a Anthology of Prostitutes
a Archive of Programmers
a Army of Ants
a Army of Caterpillars
a Army of Frogs
a Army of Soldiers
a Array of Cheerleaders
a Array of Hedgehogs
a Asylum of Drummers
a Attitude of Teenagers
a Audience of Listeners
a Audience of People
a Babble of Barbers
a Badling of Ducks
a Bale of Turtles
a Band of Gorillas
a Band of Horses
a Band of Jays
a Band of Men
a Band of Musicians
a Band of Robbers
a Bank of Swans
a Banner of Knights
a Barrel of Monkeys
a Barren of Mules
a Bask of Crocodiles
a Beavy of Beauties
a Bed of Eels
a Bed of Snakes
a Bed of Swingers
a Bellowing of Bullfinches
a Bench of Aldermen
a Bench of Bishops
a Bench of Bishops
a Bench of Judges
a Bench of Magistrates
a Bevy of Ladies
a Bevy of Larks
a Bevy of Quail
a Bevy of Swans
a Billow of Smokers
a Bind of Salmon
a Blackening of Shoemakers
a Blast of Hunters
a Blaze of Pyromaniacs
a Bloat of Hippopotamuses
a Bloat (microsoft) of Programmers
a Blur of Impressionists
a Blush of Boys
a Board of Chess Players
a Board of Directors
a Board of Trustees
a Boast of Barristers
a Body of Pathologists
a Boil of Hawks
a Bonion of Melindas
a Bouquet of Pheasants
a Brace of Dentists
a Brace of Ducks
a Brace of Mallards
a Brace of Orthodontists
a Brace of Orthopaedists
a Brigade of Soldiers
a Brood of Chess Players
a Brood of Chickens
a Building of Rooks
a Bunch of Deer
a Bunch of Ducks
a Bunch of Waterfowl
a Bunch of Wildfowl
a Business of Ferrets
a Business of Flies
a Cackle of Hyenas
a Caravan of Camels
a Cartload of Monkeys
a Cast of Actors
a Cast of Hawks
a Cast of Orthopaedists
a Catalogue of Librarians
a Cats (wild Cats) of Cats
a Cavalcade of Horsemen
a Cavvy of Cowboys
a Cete of Badgers
a Chapter of Canons
a Charm of Goldfinches
a Charm of Magpies
a Charm Or Chirm of Finches
a Chattering of Starlings
a Chattering Or Clattering of Choughs
a Choir of Singers
a Clan of Scots
a Class of Students
a Clattering of Jackdaws
a Clattering of Starlings
a Clique of Photographers
a Cloud of Flies
a Cloud of Gnats
a Cloud of Grasshoppers
a Cloud of Starlings
a Clowder of Cats
a Club of Seals
a Cluster Or Clutter of Cats
a Cluster Or Clutter of Spiders
a Clutch of Chickens
a Clutch of Mechanics
a Clutch of Wrestlers
a Cohort of Zebras
a Colhose of Communists
a College of Cardinals
a College of Physicians
a Colony of Ants
a Colony of Bats
a Colony of Beavers
a Colony of Ibises
a Colony of Lepers
a Colony of Microbiologists
a Colony of Squirrels
a Colony of Weasels
a Company of Actors
a Company of Capitalists
a Company of Girl Guides
a Company of Moles
a Company of Parrots
a Company of Soldiers
a Company of Wigeons
a Complex of Psychoanalysts
a Complex of Psychologists
a Condescension of Actors
a Confiusion of Philosophers
a Conflagration of Arsonists
a Conflagration of Pyromaniacs
a Conglomerate of Geologists
a Congregation of Alligators
a Congregation of Churchgoers
a Congregation of Magpies
a Congregation of Plovers
a Congregation of Starlings
a Congregation of Worshippers
a Conjunction of Grammarians
a Consortium of Octopuses
a Consternation of Mothers
a Convent of Nuns
a Converting of Preachers
a Convocation of Eagles
a Corps of Giraffes
a Cortege of Mourners
a Coven of Witches
a Covert of Coots
a Covey of Grouse
a Covey of Partridges
a Covey of Quail
a Cowardice of Curs
a Crash of Rhinoceroses
a Crew of Pilots
a Crew of Sailors
a Crowd of Onlookers
a Crowd of People
a Cruft of Hackers
a Crunch of Wrestlers
a Crush of Shoppers
a Cry of Actors
a Cry of Hounds
a Curse of Painters
a Cutting of Cobblers
a Damning of Jurors
a Dazzle of Zebras
a Debauchery of Hedonists
a Decanter of Deans
a Deceit Or Desert of Lapwings
a Deck of Sailors
a Decorum of Deans
a Den of Snakes
a Den of Thieves
a Density of Meatheads
a Descent of Woodpeckers
a Dignity of Canons
a Diligence of Messengers
a Discord of Experts
a Discretion of Priests
a Disguising of Tailors
a Disputation of Lawyers
a Dissimulation of Birds
a Disworship of Scots
a Division of Soldiers
a Doctrine of Doctors
a Dole of Turtles
a Dole Or Dule of Doves
a Dole Or Dule of Turtle Doves
a Dopping of Goosanders
a Dopping of Sheldrake
a Down of Hares
a Down of Sheep
a Doylt of Swine
a Draught of Butlers
a Draught of Salmon
a Dray of Squirrels
a Drift of Bees
a Drift of Fishermen
a Drift of Lecturers
a Drift of Pigs
a Drift of Quail
a Drift of Sheep
a Drift of Swans
a Drift of Swine
a Drove of Asses
a Drove of Bullocks
a Drove of Cattle
a Drove of Hares
a Drove of Oxen
a Drove of Pigs
a Drove of Sheep
a Drunkenship Or Drunkship of Cobblers
a Drunkship of Cobblers
a Eloquence of Lawyers
a Embarrassment of Parents
a Ensemble of Homosexuals
a Entrance of Actresses
a Equivocation of Politicians
a Erst of Bees
a Escargatoire of Snails
a Escheat of Lawyers
a Exaggeration of Fishermen
a Exaltation of Larks
a Execution of Officers
a Expectation of Heirs
a Expectation of Midwives
a Explosion of Italians
a Eyrar of Swans
a Faculty of Academics
a Fagot of Drummers
a Faith of Merchants
a Fall of Woodcocks
a Family of Beavers
a Feast of Brewers
a Fellowship of Yeoman
a Fesnyng of Ferrets
a Fighting of Beggars
a Flagon of Hobos
a Flap of Nuns
a Flash of Paparazzi
a Fleet of Mudhens
a Flick of Hares
a Flight of Birds
a Flight of Doves
a Flight of Goshawks
a Flight of Insects
a Flight of Refugees
a Flight of Storks
a Flight of Swallows
a Flight of Swans
a Flight (male) of Dancers
a Fling of Dunlins
a Fling of Sandpipers
a Float of Crocodiles
a Float (female) of Dancers
a Flock of Birds
a Flock of Camels
a Flock of Ducks
a Flock of Geese
a Flock of Goats
a Flock of Sheep
a Flock of Swifts
a Flock of Tourists
a Flood of Plumbers
a Flush of Mallards
a Flush of Plumbers
a Fluther of Jellyfish
a Flutter of Butterflies
a Formation of Geologists
a Fortitude of Graduate Students
a Fraid of Ghosts
a Freeze of Northerners
a Gaggle of Censors
a Gaggle of Comedians
a Gaggle of Geese
a Gaggle of Gossips
a Gaggle of Women
a Galaxy of Beauties
a Galaxy of Governesses
a Gam of Whales
a Game of Swans
a Gang of Elk
a Gang of Hoodlums
a Gang of Prisoners
a Gang of Thieves
a Gang of Turkeys
a Gang of Workmen
a Gaze of Raccoons
a Giggle of Girls
a Glaring of Cats
a Glitter of Generals
a Glozing of Taverners
a Goring of Butchers
a Graft of Tree Surgeons
a Greed of Lawyers
a Grist of Bees
a Grope of Groupies
a Gross of Germans
a Grumble of Fishermen
a Grumble of Pugs
a Grunt of Teenagers
a Gulp of Cormorants
a Gulp of Magpies
a Gulp of Swallows
a Hack of Smokers
a Haras Or Harrase of Horses
a Hastiness of Cooks
a Hastiness of Cooks
a Head of Pheasants
a Helix of Geneticists
a Herd of Antelopes
a Herd of Asses
a Herd of Buffalo
a Herd of Caribou
a Herd of Cattle
a Herd of Cranes
a Herd of Curlews
a Herd of Deer
a Herd of Elephants
a Herd of Giraffes
a Herd of Goats
a Herd of Harlots
a Herd of Harts
a Herd of Horses
a Herd of Ibex
a Herd of Moose
a Herd of Seals
a Herd of Sheep
a Herd of Swans
a Herd of Walruses
a Herd of Whales
a Herd of Wrens
a Herd of Zebras
a Hood of Snails
a Horde of Gnats
a Horde of Insects
a Host of Sparrows
a House of Senators
a Hover of Trout
a Huddle of Lawyers
a Hunt of Hounds
a Hurtle of Sheep
a Husk of Hares
a Iamb of Poets
a Illusion of Magicians
a Illusion of Painters
a Impatience of Wives
a Imposition of In-laws
a Indifference of Waiters
a Joint of Osteopaths
a Jungle of Nazis
a Kettle of Hawks
a Kit of Pigeons
a Knob of Waterfowl
a Knob of Wildfowl
a Knot of Snakes
a Knot of Toads
a Labor Or Labour of Moles
a Lamentation of Swans
a Leap Or Lepe of Leopards
a Lease of Hawks
a Leash of Foxes
a Lechery of Priests
a Lie of Golfers
a Lie of Politicians
a Linkage of Webmasters
a Lounge of Lizards
a Malapertness of Pedlars
a Mass of Catholics
a Mass of Priests
a Meet of Hounds
a Meinie of Sheep
a Meinie of Sparrows
a Melee of Rioters
a Melody of Harpists
a Mess of Iguanas
a Mess of Officers
a Meter of Percussionist
a Mews of Capons
a Misbelieving of Painters
a Mischief of Mice
a Mob of Deer
a Mob of Emus
a Mob of Kangaroos
a Mob of People
a Mob of Sheep
a Mob of Whales
a Morbidity of Majors
a Mug of Narcissists
a Multiply of Husbands
a Murder of Crows
a Murder of Magpies
a Murmur of Nuns
a Murmuration of Starlings
a Muster of Peacocks
a Muster of Soldiers
a Mustering of Storks
a Mute of Hounds
a Mutter of Mothers-in-law
a Nag of Grandparents
a Nest of Ants
a Nest of Mice
a Nest of Pheasants
a Nest of Snakes
a Nest of Toads
a Nest of Turtles
a Nest of Vipers
a Net of Webmasters
a Neverthriving of Jugglers
a Nide of Pheasants
a Nucleus of Physicists
a Number of Mathematicians
a Nye of Pheasants
a Obeisance of Servants
a Observance of Hermits
a Observance of Hermits
a Obstruction of Dons
a Obsucurity of Poets
a Odium of Politicians
a Orchestra of Musicians
a Order of Waiters
a Ostentation of Peacocks
a Pace Or Passe of Asses
a Pack of Brownies
a Pack of Coyotes
a Pack of Dogs
a Pack of Grouse
a Pack of Hounds
a Pack of Mules
a Pack of Stoats
a Pack of Weasels
a Pack of Wolves
a Paddling of Ducks
a Palate of Grimace
a Pan of Reviewers
a Pandemonium of Parrots
a Panel of Experts
a Pantheon of Gods
a Parcel of Deer
a Parcel of Hogs
a Parcel of Sheep
a Parliament of Owls
a Parliament of Rooks
a Party of Friends
a Party of Jays
a Peck of Frenchmen
a Peep of Chickens
a Persistence of Parents
a Phalanx of Storks
a Pink of Liberals
a Pint of Irishmen
a Pit of Snakes
a Piteousness of Doves
a Pity of Prisoners
a Pitying of Turtle Doves
a Plague of Insects
a Plane of Geometrists
a Platoon of Soldiers
a Plump of Ducks
a Plump of Geese
a Plump of Moorhens
a Plump of Wildfowl
a Plunder of Goons
a Plush of Boys
a Pod of Birds
a Pod of Dolphins
a Pod of Pelicans
a Pod of Seals
a Pod of Walruses
a Pod of Whales
a Pomposity of Professors
a Ponder of Philosophers
a Posse of Police
a Posse of Sheriffs
a Pounce of Cats
a Pound of Carpenters
a Pound of Englishmen
a Pound of Pianists
a Poverty of Pipers
a Prance of Equestrians
a Pratfall of Clowns
a Pray of Nuns
a Pride of Lions
a Pride of Peacocks
a Promise of Barmen
a Proud Showing of Tailors
a Prudence of Vicars
a Psalter of Bishops
a Puddling of Mallards
a Quarrel of Lawyers
a Queue of Actors
a Quiz of Teachers
a Rabble of Gnats
a Rabble of Insects
a Raft of Ducks
a Raft of Waterfowl
a Rafter of Turkeys
a Rag of Colts
a Rake of Colts
a Rake of Mules
a Rangale of Deer
a Rascal of Boys
a Rash of Dermatologists
a Rasp of Guineafowl
a Reflection of Narcissists
a Rhyme of Poets
a Riches of Matrons
a Richesse Or Richness of Martens
a Riot of Comedians
a Roll of Drummers
a Rookery of Clerks
a Rout of Knights
a Rout of Schoolboys
a Rout of Snails
a Rout Or Route of Wolves
a Run of Salmon
a Sample of Salesmen
a Saunter of Cowboys
a Sawt of Lions
a School of Clerks
a School of Dolphins
a School of Fish
a Scold of Jays
a Scolding of Seamstresses
a Scoop of Journalists
a Scourge of Mosquitoes
a Scream of Swifts
a Scurry of Squirrels
a Sea of Bishops
a Sedge Or Sege of Bitterns
a Sedge Or Sege of Cranes
a Sedge Or Sege of Herons
a Sentence of Judges
a Series of Radiologists
a Set of Designers
a Set of Gym Instructors
a Set of Hairdressers
a Set of Mathematicians
a Shiver of Sharks
a Shoal of Fish
a Shoal of Mackerel
a Shoal of Minnows
a Shower of Bastards
a Shower of Meteorologists
a Shrewdness of Apes
a Shrivel of Critics
a Shuffle of Bureaucrats
a Shush of Librarians
a Siege of Herons
a Simplicity of Subalterns
a Skein of Ducks
a Skein of Geese
a Skirl of Pipers
a Skulk of Foxes
a Skulk of Thieves
a Slant of Journalists
a Slate of Candidates
a Sleuth Or Sloth of Bears
a Slither of Gossip Columnists
a Slouch of Models
a Smack of Jellyfish
a Smear of Gynaecologists
a Snap of Photographers
a Sneer of Butlers
a Sodom of Shepherds
a Songer of Grimace
a Sord of Mallards
a Sord Or Sore of Ducks
a Sounder of Boars (wild Boars)
a Sownder of Swans
a Span of Mules
a Spread of Nymphomaniacs
a Sprig of Vegetarians
a Spring of Teal
a Squad of Beaters
a Squeal of Nieces
a Stable of Horses
a Stable of Hounds
a Stable of Prostitutes
a Stack of Librarians
a Staff of Employees
a Stalk of Foresters
a Stalk of Foresters
a Stand of Flamingoes
a Stand of Plovers
a Store of Gypsies
a Streak of Tigers
a String of Ducks
a String of Horses
a Stud of Horses
a Stud of Mares
a Subtlety of Designers
a Subtlety of Sergeants-at-law
a Suit Or Sute of Mallards
a Sulk of Fishermen
a Superfluity of Nuns
a Superfluity of Nuns
a Superfluity of Priests
a Swarm of Ants
a Swarm of Bees
a Swarm of Butterflies
a Swarm of Eels
a Swarm of Flies
a Swarm of Gnats
a Swarm of Grasshoppers
a Swarm of Insects
a Swish of Hairdressers
a Syndicate of Capitalists
a Tabernacle of Bakers
a Talent of Gamblers
a Tantrum of Decorators
a Team of Athletes
a Team of Dolphins
a Team of Ducks
a Team of Geese
a Team of Horses
a Team of Oxen
a Team of Swans
a Tedium of Golfers
a Thought of Barons
a Tiding of Magpies
a Tittering of Magpies
a Tok of Capercaillie
a Torque of Mechanics
a Tough of Lesbians
a Tounge of Interpreters
a Tower of Giraffes
a Trail of Followers
a Train of Camels
a Train of Jackdaws
a Tribe of Goats
a Tribe of Monkeys
a Tribe of Natives
a Tribe of Sparrows
a Trip of Dotterel
a Trip of Hippies
a Trip of Mice
a Trip of Sheep
a Trip of Stoats
a Trip of Swine
a Trip of Wigeons
a Trip of Wildfowl
a Trip Or Trippe of Goats
a Troop of Apes
a Troop of Baboons
a Troop of Boy Scouts
a Troop of Dogfish
a Troop of Kangaroos
a Troop of Monkeys
a Troop of Soldiers
a Troupe of Acrobats
a Troupe of Artistes
a Troupe of Dancers
a Troupe of Gymnasts
a Troupe of Minstrels
a Troupe/troup of Performers
a Twaddle of Public Speakers
a Unction of Undertakers
a Unhappiness of Husbands
a Unkindness of Ravens
a Virtue of Patients
a Waddling of Ducks
a Wake of Buzzards
a Walk of Snails
a Walk of Snipe
a Watch of Nightingales
a Wedge of Geese
a Wedge of Swans
a Wheeze of Joggers
a Whisp Or Wisp of Snipe
a Whiting of Swans
a Whoop of Gorillas
a Whored of Prostitutes
a Wiggery of Barristers
a Wince of Dentists
a Wing of Plovers
a Wisdom of Grandparents
a Worship of Writers
a Yoke of Oxen
a Yoke of Pilots
a Zeal of Zebras