691 Collective Nouns

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Abominable Sight of Monks
Absence of Waiters
Alley of Clowns
Amalgam of Dentists
Amalgamation of Metallurgists
Amble of Walkers
Ambush of Tigers
Ambush of Widows
Anthology of Prostitutes
Archive of Programmers
Army of Ants
Army of Caterpillars
Army of Frogs
Army of Soldiers
Array of Cheerleaders
Array of Hedgehogs
Asylum of Drummers
Attitude of Teenagers
Audience of Listeners
Audience of People
Babble of Barbers
Badling of Ducks
Bale of Turtles
Band of Gorillas
Band of Horses
Band of Jays
Band of Men
Band of Musicians
Band of Robbers
Bank of Swans
Banner of Knights
Barrel of Monkeys
Barren of Mules
Bask of Crocodiles
Battery of Tests
Beavy of Beauties
Bed of Eels
Bed of Snakes
Bed of Swingers
Bellowing of Bullfinches
Bench of Aldermen
Bench of Bishops
Bench of Bishops
Bench of Judges
Bench of Magistrates
Bevy of Ladies
Bevy of Larks
Bevy of Quail
Bevy of Swans
Billow of Smokers
Bind of Salmon
Blackening of Shoemakers
Blast of Hunters
Blaze of Pyromaniacs
Bloat of Hippopotamuses
Bloat (microsoft) of Programmers
Blur of Impressionists
Blush of Boys
Board of Chess Players
Board of Directors
Board of Trustees
Boast of Barristers
Body of Pathologists
Boil of Hawks
Bonion of Melindas
Bouquet of Pheasants
Brace of Dentists
Brace of Ducks
Brace of Mallards
Brace of Orthodontists
Brace of Orthopaedists
Brigade of Soldiers
Brood of Chess Players
Brood of Chickens
Building of Rooks
Bunch of Deer
Bunch of Ducks
Bunch of Waterfowl
Bunch of Wildfowl
Business of Ferrets
Business of Flies
Cackle of Hyenas
Caravan of Camels
Cartload of Monkeys
Cast of Actors
Cast of Hawks
Cast of Orthopaedists
Catalogue of Librarians
Cats (wild Cats) of Cats
Cavalcade of Horsemen
Cavvy of Cowboys
Cete of Badgers
Chapter of Canons
Charm of Goldfinches
Charm of Magpies
Charm Or Chirm of Finches
Chattering of Starlings
Chattering Or Clattering of Choughs
Choir of Singers
Clan of Scots
Class of Students
Clattering of Jackdaws
Clattering of Starlings
Clique of Photographers
Cloud of Flies
Cloud of Gnats
Cloud of Grasshoppers
Cloud of Starlings
Clowder of Cats
Club of Seals
Cluster Or Clutter of Cats
Cluster Or Clutter of Spiders
Clutch of Chickens
Clutch of Mechanics
Clutch of Wrestlers
Cohort of Zebras
Colhose of Communists
College of Cardinals
College of Physicians
Colony of Ants
Colony of Bats
Colony of Beavers
Colony of Ibises
Colony of Lepers
Colony of Microbiologists
Colony of Squirrels
Colony of Weasels
Company of Actors
Company of Capitalists
Company of Girl Guides
Company of Moles
Company of Parrots
Company of Soldiers
Company of Wigeons
Complex of Psychoanalysts
Complex of Psychologists
Condescension of Actors
Confiusion of Philosophers
Conflagration of Arsonists
Conflagration of Pyromaniacs
Conglomerate of Geologists
Congregation of Alligators
Congregation of Churchgoers
Congregation of Magpies
Congregation of Plovers
Congregation of Starlings
Congregation of Worshippers
Conjunction of Grammarians
Consortium of Octopuses
Consternation of Mothers
Convent of Nuns
Converting of Preachers
Convocation of Eagles
Corps of Giraffes
Cortege of Mourners
Coven of Witches
Covert of Coots
Covey of Grouse
Covey of Partridges
Covey of Quail
Cowardice of Curs
Crash of Rhinoceroses
Crew of Pilots
Crew of Sailors
Crowd of Onlookers
Crowd of People
Cruft of Hackers
Crunch of Wrestlers
Crush of Shoppers
Cry of Actors
Cry of Hounds
Curse of Painters
Cutting of Cobblers
Damning of Jurors
Dazzle of Zebras
Debauchery of Hedonists
Decanter of Deans
Deceit Or Desert of Lapwings
Deck of Sailors
Decorum of Deans
Den of Snakes
Den of Thieves
Density of Meatheads
Descent of Woodpeckers
Dignity of Canons
Diligence of Messengers
Discord of Experts
Discretion of Priests
Disguising of Tailors
Disputation of Lawyers
Dissimulation of Birds
Disworship of Scots
Division of Soldiers
Doctrine of Doctors
Dole of Turtles
Dole Or Dule of Doves
Dole Or Dule of Turtle Doves
Dopping of Goosanders
Dopping of Sheldrake
Down of Hares
Down of Sheep
Doylt of Swine
Draught of Butlers
Draught of Salmon
Dray of Squirrels
Drift of Bees
Drift of Fishermen
Drift of Lecturers
Drift of Pigs
Drift of Quail
Drift of Sheep
Drift of Swans
Drift of Swine
Drove of Asses
Drove of Bullocks
Drove of Cattle
Drove of Hares
Drove of Oxen
Drove of Pigs
Drove of Sheep
Drunkenship Or Drunkship of Cobblers
Drunkship of Cobblers
Eloquence of Lawyers
Embarassment of Christophers
Embarrassment of Parents
Ensemble of Homosexuals
Entrance of Actresses
Equivocation of Politicians
Erst of Bees
Escargatoire of Snails
Escheat of Lawyers
Exaggeration of Fishermen
Exaltation of Larks
Execution of Officers
Expectation of Heirs
Expectation of Midwives
Explosion of Italians
Eyrar of Swans
Faculty of Academics
Fagot of Drummers
Faith of Merchants
Fall of Woodcocks
Family of Beavers
Feast of Brewers
Fellowship of Yeoman
Fesnyng of Ferrets
Fighting of Beggars
Flagon of Hobos
Flap of Nuns
Flash of Paparazzi
Fleet of Mudhens
Flick of Hares
Flight of Birds
Flight of Doves
Flight of Goshawks
Flight of Insects
Flight of Refugees
Flight of Storks
Flight of Swallows
Flight of Swans
Flight (male) of Dancers
Fling of Dunlins
Fling of Sandpipers
Float of Crocodiles
Float (female) of Dancers
Flock of Birds
Flock of Camels
Flock of Ducks
Flock of Geese
Flock of Goats
Flock of Sheep
Flock of Swifts
Flock of Tourists
Flood of Plumbers
Flush of Mallards
Flush of Plumbers
Fluther of Jellyfish
Flutter of Butterflies
Formation of Geologists
Fortitude of Graduate Students
Fraid of Ghosts
Freeze of Northerners
Gaggle of Censors
Gaggle of Comedians
Gaggle of Geese
Gaggle of Gossips
Gaggle of Women
Galaxy of Beauties
Galaxy of Governesses
Gam of Whales
Game of Swans
Gang of Elk
Gang of Hoodlums
Gang of Prisoners
Gang of Thieves
Gang of Turkeys
Gang of Workmen
Gaze of Raccoons
Giggle of Girls
Glaring of Cats
Glitter of Generals
Glozing of Taverners
Goring of Butchers
Graft of Tree Surgeons
Greed of Lawyers
Grist of Bees
Grope of Groupies
Gross of Germans
Grumble of Fishermen
Grumble of Pugs
Grunt of Teenagers
Gulp of Cormorants
Gulp of Magpies
Gulp of Swallows
Hack of Smokers
Haras Or Harrase of Horses
Hastiness of Cooks
Hastiness of Cooks
Head of Pheasants
Helix of Geneticists
Herd of Antelopes
Herd of Asses
Herd of Buffalo
Herd of Caribou
Herd of Cattle
Herd of Cranes
Herd of Curlews
Herd of Deer
Herd of Elephants
Herd of Giraffes
Herd of Goats
Herd of Harlots
Herd of Harts
Herd of Horses
Herd of Ibex
Herd of Moose
Herd of Seals
Herd of Sheep
Herd of Swans
Herd of Walruses
Herd of Whales
Herd of Wrens
Herd of Zebras
Hood of Snails
Horde of Gnats
Horde of Insects
Host of Sparrows
House of Senators
Hover of Trout
Huddle of Lawyers
Hunt of Hounds
Hurtle of Sheep
Husk of Hares
Iamb of Poets
Illusion of Magicians
Illusion of Painters
Impatience of Wives
Imposition of In-laws
Indifference of Waiters
Joint of Osteopaths
Jungle of Nazis
Kettle of Hawks
Kit of Pigeons
Knob of Waterfowl
Knob of Wildfowl
Knot of Snakes
Knot of Toads
Labor Or Labour of Moles
Lamentation of Swans
Leap Or Lepe of Leopards
Lease of Hawks
Leash of Foxes
Lechery of Priests
Lie of Golfers
Lie of Politicians
Linkage of Webmasters
Lounge of Lizards
Malapertness of Pedlars
Mass of Catholics
Mass of Priests
Meet of Hounds
Meinie of Sheep
Meinie of Sparrows
Melee of Rioters
Melody of Harpists
Mess of Iguanas
Mess of Officers
Meter of Percussionist
Mews of Capons
Misbelieving of Painters
Mischief of Mice
Mob of Deer
Mob of Emus
Mob of Kangaroos
Mob of People
Mob of Sheep
Mob of Whales
Morbidity of Majors
Mug of Narcissists
Multiply of Husbands
Murder of Crows
Murder of Magpies
Murmur of Nuns
Murmuration of Starlings
Muster of Peacocks
Muster of Soldiers
Mustering of Storks
Mute of Hounds
Mutter of Mothers-in-law
Nag of Grandparents
Nest of Ants
Nest of Mice
Nest of Pheasants
Nest of Snakes
Nest of Toads
Nest of Turtles
Nest of Vipers
Net of Webmasters
Neverthriving of Jugglers
Nide of Pheasants
Nucleus of Physicists
Number of Mathematicians
Nye of Pheasants
Obeisance of Servants
Observance of Hermits
Observance of Hermits
Obstruction of Dons
Obsucurity of Poets
Odium of Politicians
Orchestra of Musicians
Order of Waiters
Ostentation of Peacocks
Pace Or Passe of Asses
Pack of Brownies
Pack of Coyotes
Pack of Dogs
Pack of Grouse
Pack of Hounds
Pack of Mules
Pack of Stoats
Pack of Weasels
Pack of Wolves
Paddling of Ducks
Palate of Grimace
Pan of Reviewers
Pandemonium of Parrots
Panel of Experts
Pantheon of Gods
Parcel of Deer
Parcel of Hogs
Parcel of Sheep
Parliament of Owls
Parliament of Rooks
Party of Friends
Party of Jays
Peck of Frenchmen
Peep of Chickens
Persistence of Parents
Phalanx of Storks
Pink of Liberals
Pint of Irishmen
Pit of Snakes
Piteousness of Doves
Pity of Prisoners
Pitying of Turtle Doves
Plague of Insects
Plane of Geometrists
Platoon of Soldiers
Plump of Ducks
Plump of Geese
Plump of Moorhens
Plump of Wildfowl
Plunder of Goons
Plush of Boys
Pod of Birds
Pod of Dolphins
Pod of Pelicans
Pod of Seals
Pod of Walruses
Pod of Whales
Pomposity of Professors
Ponder of Philosophers
Posse of Police
Posse of Sheriffs
Pounce of Cats
Pound of Carpenters
Pound of Englishmen
Pound of Pianists
Poverty of Pipers
Prance of Equestrians
Pratfall of Clowns
Pray of Nuns
Pride of Lions
Pride of Peacocks
Promise of Barmen
Proud Showing of Tailors
Prudence of Vicars
Psalter of Bishops
Puddling of Mallards
Quarrel of Lawyers
Queue of Actors
Quiz of Teachers
Rabble of Gnats
Rabble of Insects
Raft of Ducks
Raft of Waterfowl
Rafter of Turkeys
Rag of Colts
Rake of Colts
Rake of Mules
Rangale of Deer
Rascal of Boys
Rash of Dermatologists
Rasp of Guineafowl
Reflection of Narcissists
Rhyme of Poets
Riches of Matrons
Richesse Or Richness of Martens
Riot of Comedians
Roll of Drummers
Rookery of Clerks
Rout of Knights
Rout of Schoolboys
Rout of Snails
Rout Or Route of Wolves
Run of Salmon
Sample of Salesmen
Saunter of Cowboys
Sawt of Lions
School of Clerks
School of Dolphins
School of Fish
Scold of Jays
Scolding of Seamstresses
Scoop of Journalists
Scourge of Mosquitoes
Scream of Swifts
Scurry of Squirrels
Sea of Bishops
Sedge Or Sege of Bitterns
Sedge Or Sege of Cranes
Sedge Or Sege of Herons
Sentence of Judges
Series of Radiologists
Set of Designers
Set of Gym Instructors
Set of Hairdressers
Set of Mathematicians
Shiver of Sharks
Shoal of Fish
Shoal of Mackerel
Shoal of Minnows
Shower of Bastards
Shower of Meteorologists
Shrewdness of Apes
Shrivel of Critics
Shuffle of Bureaucrats
Shush of Librarians
Siege of Herons
Simplicity of Subalterns
Skein of Ducks
Skein of Geese
Skirl of Pipers
Skulk of Foxes
Skulk of Thieves
Slant of Journalists
Slate of Candidates
Sleuth Or Sloth of Bears
Slither of Gossip Columnists
Slouch of Models
Smack of Jellyfish
Smear of Gynaecologists
Snap of Photographers
Sneer of Butlers
Sodom of Shepherds
Songer of Grimace
Sord of Mallards
Sord Or Sore of Ducks
Sounder of Boars (wild Boars)
Sownder of Swans
Span of Mules
Spread of Nymphomaniacs
Sprig of Vegetarians
Spring of Teal
Squad of Beaters
Squeal of Nieces
Stable of Horses
Stable of Hounds
Stable of Prostitutes
Stack of Librarians
Staff of Employees
Stalk of Foresters
Stalk of Foresters
Stand of Flamingoes
Stand of Plovers
Store of Gypsies
Streak of Tigers
String of Ducks
String of Horses
Stud of Horses
Stud of Mares
Subtlety of Designers
Subtlety of Sergeants-at-law
Suit Or Sute of Mallards
Sulk of Fishermen
Superfluity of Nuns
Superfluity of Nuns
Superfluity of Priests
Swarm of Ants
Swarm of Bees
Swarm of Butterflies
Swarm of Eels
Swarm of Flies
Swarm of Gnats
Swarm of Grasshoppers
Swarm of Insects
Swish of Hairdressers
Syndicate of Capitalists
Tabernacle of Bakers
Talent of Gamblers
Tantrum of Decorators
Team of Athletes
Team of Dolphins
Team of Ducks
Team of Geese
Team of Horses
Team of Oxen
Team of Swans
Tedium of Golfers
Thought of Barons
Tiding of Magpies
Tittering of Magpies
Tok of Capercaillie
Torque of Mechanics
Tough of Lesbians
Tounge of Interpreters
Tower of Giraffes
Trail of Followers
Train of Camels
Train of Jackdaws
Tribe of Goats
Tribe of Monkeys
Tribe of Natives
Tribe of Sparrows
Trip of Dotterel
Trip of Hippies
Trip of Mice
Trip of Sheep
Trip of Stoats
Trip of Swine
Trip of Wigeons
Trip of Wildfowl
Trip Or Trippe of Goats
Troop of Apes
Troop of Baboons
Troop of Boy Scouts
Troop of Dogfish
Troop of Kangaroos
Troop of Monkeys
Troop of Soldiers
Troupe of Acrobats
Troupe of Artistes
Troupe of Dancers
Troupe of Gymnasts
Troupe of Minstrels
Troupe/troup of Performers
Twaddle of Public Speakers
Unction of Undertakers
Unhappiness of Husbands
Unkindness of Ravens
Virtue of Patients
Waddling of Ducks
Wake of Buzzards
Walk of Snails
Walk of Snipe
Watch of Nightingales
Wedge of Geese
Wedge of Swans
Wheeze of Joggers
Whisp Or Wisp of Snipe
Whiting of Swans
Whoop of Gorillas
Whored of Prostitutes
Wiggery of Barristers
Wince of Dentists
Wing of Plovers
Wisdom of Grandparents
Worship of Writers
Yoke of Oxen
Yoke of Pilots
Zeal of Zebras